Clinton vs. Obama: The Problem With Identity Politics

The latest installment in the saga between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama involves a recent Clinton campaign event in which Clinton supporter Bob Johnson, president of Black Entertainment Television, told the crowd:

"To me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues, [are not sincere in their commitment to racial equality] when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won't say what he was doing, but he said it in his book."
It obviously doesn't take Einstein's kin to figure out that Johnson was alluding to Obama's past drug use, which he admitted to in his previous book. However, Johnson criticized the ensuing criticism by saying that his remarks were in regards to Obama's work as a community organizer "and nothing else [and that] any other suggestion is simply irresponsible and incorrect."

In other words, Johnson got the media to explicitly say what he was merely implying. As a result, the media's explicity transferred ownership of Johnson's incendiary remarks to the media and technically absolved Johnson of guilt. Mission accomplished for the Clinton campaign. That's slash and burn politics at its finest.

Johnson's cheapshots at Obama by making obvious references to Obama's previous bouts of irresponsibility are in concordance with how he often marginalizes Blacks on BET with its raunchy music videos and often tawdry language. So this does not come as a surprise to me.

As for Clinton, however, she knows exactly what she's doing. And by continuing to campaign with people who make these same insinuations over and over again, she is tacitly approving their remarks. Here's how the game is played: Clinton will campaign with someone who makes a controversial remark about her political opponents. The media will then hype up these remarks and ask her to clarify or repudiate them. Clinton will then dismiss these questions by saying "that person does not speak for my campaign" and then try to take the high road by saying "I don't want to talk about political attacks. I want to talk about the issues." Meanwhile, the damage will ultimately be done courtesy of the media's replaying the remarks over and over again while Clinton puts just enough distance between herself and these inflammatory remarks to maintain plausible deniability. Of course, this strategy, while effective, seems odd for someone who commonly decries "the politics of personal destruction."

The problem with Clinton's attacks is not so much that they are sticking, but rather that they risk turning Obama from "a candidate who happens to be Black" into "a Black candidate." The former is a formidable opponent with broad electoral appeal who can instill a great sense of pride in the Democratic Party and potentially emerge as the party's standard-bearer. The latter is a marginalized leader of one particular interest group she'll merely have to curry favor with in the future in order to shore up her base in a general election once she's the nominee.

Obama has run a post-partisan and post-racial campaign with the ability to appeal to voters of all races and political persuasions. However, the more race is injected into the campaign (as was recently done when Clinton suggested that Martin Luther King had to rely on President Lyndon Johnson to get civil rights legislation passed), the more that undercuts his message of unity. Whites, who may be reminded of firebrands like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, may become less comfortable supporting him, and his future political victories may be tainted because they'd be attributed more to racial circumstances ("Did Obama win because of White guilt? Was it a Black rebellion against Clinton's attacks?") than to his own political acumen. The more Obama reminds voters of race, the better it is for Clinton, whose personal negatives are so high that she has nothing left to lose by taking the low road and engaging in race-baiting through surrogates. Bob Johnson is only the latest example of this.

Should this whisper campaign fatally wound Obama and he not win the nomination, the Democratic Party will be severely fragmented. Clinton may have no choice but to choose Obama as her running mate then, even though this would put Obama in a serious bind. Were he to refuse Clinton's invitation, that could be seen as him being cold or partisan to someone who is extending an olive branch and trying to bury the hatchet. And if he were to accept her invitation, he would be pairing his message of hope and unity with a candidate who represents hardball politics and is a professional partisan. So he'd look like a hypocrite either way.

There are signs that the incessant whispers and rumors about Obama have taken root in a lot of voters' minds. For example, one of the most popular search strings Google users use to find this blog is some combination of the words "Obama" and "flag," presumably in relation to the controversy that erupted when the "unpatriotic" Obama decided to no longer wear an American flag pin on his lapel last fall. (I wrote about that here.) It could also be related to the picture of Obama not placing his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was being played at a campaign event in Iowa last summer. Combine these stories with the whisper campaign involving his religion and it's possible that enough doubts will be planted in enough voters' minds to make them grudgingly revert to the "safe" choice of Hillary Clinton, even if they don't particularly like her.

But Clinton's unfavorable ratings can't get much higher than they already are, so she doesn't have as much to lose by engaging in this sort of negative and dishonest campaigning. She has enough name recognition and enough infrastructure nationwide to win the nomination easily if Obama flames out. Dredging up his Obama's past and invoking fear by implication (ever notice how people commonly refer to him by his middle name even though nobody does that with the other candidates?) may be unseemly, but it is quite effective in defining a candidate before he can define himself.

But this is a double-edged sword. Intelligent voters and those who don't take what candidates say at face value may be put off by this and either 1) stay home, which damages Obama because of his appeal to new voters; or 2) penalize Clinton by throwing their support to Obama, who they believe is the victim of kneecap politics. Clinton won New Hampshire on the backs of voters who felt she was being unfairly targeted by the media and her rivals. Will these unfair attacks backfire on her in South Carolina and beyond? After his second place showing in New Hampshire, is Obama a bit gun shy about responding to Clinton too aggressively? After all, in South Carolina, as goes Black women, so will go the Democratic primary.

In light of Clinton's gender-tinged come from behind victory in the New Hampshire primary and the most recent racially-tinged remarks about Obama's past, the politics of race are now confronting the politics of gender. The Democratic Party needs both women and minorities (especially Blacks) in order to survive. Turning the Clinton vs. Obama storyline into a battle between "sisters and brothers" may only fracture the party so severely that they enter the general election as dispirited and as divided as the Republicans are at present. Voter turnout in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries so far suggests an enthusiasm gap in favor of the Democrats. But prolonging this proxy struggle over identity politics by using lowball tactics and feigned outrage may only turn a very winnable general election for the Democrats into another agonizing defeat.

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Schenck said...

Look at this pile of crap: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/01/14/bill-clinton-compiles-list-of-obama-attacks/

I've been reading extensive comments around the web, and it looks like a lot of people are fed up with the Clinton mud. I didn't see her on Meet the Press, but from what I hear, her appearance reminded viewers of the pandering, roundabout Clintons of the 90's. I hope Obama keeps his head high; there is a fine line between deflecting these attacks and becoming stuck in the mud.

Schenck said...

EDIT: her=Hillary

Nikki said...

Hey Anthony I appreciate the write up on this as I have been enjoying a cold but sunny day here in Utah. Needless to say I am a bit out of the news cycle as I have taken a bit of a break in the politicing arena this weekend. I think this is going to backfire on her big time. Barack Obama has a very long career in politics ahead of him with or without the nomination, he will be back. Hillary will be the next Ted Kennedy of the Senate if she doesn't make it this time. I really believe that. She first played the victim and now is getting someone else to do her dirty work. Because of course she would look racist to have made these emarks herself. Bill Clinton is the first black President so he can speak for the African American community. I am being facetious. I have never understood this portrayal of him. It amazes me how unfavorable the public views Hillary and yet the Clintons have so many loyalists. I call it Clinton Utopia, because to me it is all a delusion. I asked my son who is 9 going on 10 who he would vote for for President and he said "I am not voting for that girl, I know that!" and as for why not he said because she doesn't know how to play army.......no joke. Pretty funny, but it looks like I may have some sexism issues to work out haha.....point being there are people who WILL NOT vote for her no matter what and I think Obama doesn't have that issue. the Clintons suck. awesome post very informative and an important topic.

Thomas said...

Anthony, I wrote about immigration on my latest post. I was curious about your thoughts.

Anthony Palmer said...


Do you think Bill Clinton WANTS Hillary to be president? It seems like everytime he opens his mouth, something ridiculous comes out. This seems like the Karl Rove tactic of going after your opponent's strength. I can understand this. Nobody thinks Obama has run a negative campaign, but Clinton's attacks may have made a few people view Obama with a bit more skepticism. Still, I think this will expose the Clintons as petty, political, and phony. I can only wonder how many voters will defect to Obama to punish the Clintons for this kind of garbage.



Yes, sometimes I too need a break from the whirlwind of politics because there's just so much to keep track of each day. Classes started this week, so I will have less time to update this blog until I can figure out how to juggle my time.

Regarding Obama, I used to think his strength was who he was. But now because of the Clintons' attacks, I'm thinking that Obama's strength will be a matter of who he's NOT. If Obama wins the nomination, it will be because of this nonsense from the Clintons about race and hypocrisy. I mean, how can they say this stuff with a straight face?



Thanks for the link. I'll take a look this evening and leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Very intelligent article. Well written. And a wonderful knack to get behind the issues and uncover all the nuances of what this is REALLY going on with this Clinton vs. Obama controversy. Well done!

Schenck said...

That Billy-boy is torn. Torn between the excess fame, money, and women he would garner as a result of a return to the White House and seeing his "wife" succeed where he once did - he does say some pretty outlandish things - but I think greed and power over a nation trumps inter-marital bragging rights.

That being said, as I peruse through articles covering race and the race, it seems a majority of people following the political news somewhat closely see through the Clintonian tactics. Except for Hillary trolls, of course. I often wonder if those sitting at home, barely following this (re: Lamentations of an Educated Voter part 2) are only taking it at face value; do they think Obama is playing the race card, as Hillary wants them to think, and as a majority of the mainstream media make it out to be? Or do they see what's really going on here?

Anthony Palmer said...


The folks over at National Journal's Hotline aren't amused either.

But here's the thing. It is no secret that Hillary Clinton does best among voters with only a high school education. Obama is cleaning up when it comes to better educated voters with college and graduate degrees. Is it reasonable to assume that the less educated voters that make up Clinton's base will be more likely to buy into her propoganda without doing any independent research on their own beforehand?



Thanks for the kind words. Whether the voters themselves will be able to see beyond the spin remains to be seen, however. Thanks again.

Schenck said...

Anthony, yes, it is not only reasonable; it is all too obvious.

It scares me that this race is merely another "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" (etc.) reality show for so many. Sure, it's entertaining, but that's not it's first redeeming attribute. We are electing the next leader of the free world, technically, and I think there are a lot of people who don't realize the effect this will have on their lives, their family's lives, and the lives of people from every country. It's all just a game to so many (HRC included).

Obama-man said...

Your writing abilities and thought provoking insights on politics is great reading for the most casual politico such as myself. I just hope that your career aspirations are not derailed based on the insignificant people who unfortunately have the power to decide your fate much like the uninformed voters doing the same to Obama. What I do not quite understand is how people can be so misguided and blind to the reality of what the Clintons are really about. The media does such a great job of painting pictures and shaping the views of those who are seeing the politics from the surface. I had the good fortune of meeting Obama in 2004 at the DNC in Boston, and was impressed by his demeanor with ALL people. We all thought that he would wait until 2012 but had a notion that he was ready for 2008. A man that speaks with passion is a passionate man and a man of his own convictions. To paint him on any other canvass is not doing justice to whom I belive has the unique ability to change the country for the better. We had a talk that evening in Boston and he said how can someone be so concerned about what is going on all over the world and the roof to your house has leaks in it. He said we need to take care of home first to make us a stronger nation, but not be oblivious to what is going on elsewhere. He had my vote after that.

Schenck said...

Hey Palmer!!

Case in point

Anthony Palmer said...


Obama seems to be the most authentic candidate remaining on the Democratic side of the ledger. Edwards is quite passionate about his fight against poverty, but he has been reminded in the debates about previous votes he made that expose him as a potential hypocrite.

Clinton has generated a lot of ill will based on her hardball campaign. She has a high floor and a low ceiling. My sense is that Democrats view her as a last resort. And should John McCain win the GOP nomination, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Democrats voted for him simply to punish Clinton because she has reminded a lot of people of everything unsavory about the 90s.

Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading The 7-10.



I read that LAT article and left a comment expressing my disgust. The heckler at that debate last night was spot on. The media are a joke. If I don't run for office myself, maybe I should start my own media network.

Anonymous said...

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"GLORK" Sen. Barack Obama’s support among Democrats nationally has softened over the last month, particularly among men and upper-income voters, as voters have taken a slightly less positive view of him than they did after his burst of victories in February, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

The survey suggests that Mr. Obama's proximity to Chicago, Democrat of Illinois, may have been at something of a peak in February, propelled by a string of primary and caucus victories over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, and that perceptions of him are dramatically trending downward.

Mr. Obama’s favorability rating among Democratic primary voters has dropped seventeen percentage points, to 42 percent, since the last Times/CBS News survey, in late February. While that figure is steadily declining, this dramatic decline came in a month during which he endured withering attacks from Mrs. Clinton, and responded to reports that his exiled former pastor had made politically inflammatory statements from his church’s pulpit in Chicago, and swirling questions about the criminal money generating underworld of 501-(C)-Shaddy-Sharpton-Semilunar-Crescent of Allah Islam Mosque No. 7; and what Barack Obama did in Harlem -- from which he cannot extricate himself.

The events of the last month appear to have fundamentally altered the race for the party’s nomination and provided Mrs. Clinton’s campaign extensive evidence of a collapse in Mr. Obama’s standing or an overwhelming preference voiced for Mrs. Clinton by Democratic and Republican voters in polls: -- perplexing developments in Obama's ongoing Campaign Crisis, that could be used to persuade uncommitted super-delegates to sign on with Hillary Clinton.

Twenty-six percent of the general electorate voters who heard of the Apologia speech that Mr. Obama the self-indicting, separatist-racist Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama gave to try to deal with the controversy over Obama's separatist-racist connection to Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah, said it made them dislike him. And 74 percent of Democrats and Republicans said Mr. Obama's Campaign Crisis "GLORK" Campaign Crisis "God damn America" - Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. "God bless America" - Pope Benedict XVI and Hillary Clinton... stems from the fact that he shows continued misjudgment for even the most challenging problems. Next, the overall opinion of people in the news this year; Mr. Obama lacks the decisive capability to lead, willingness to listen, conviction and courage. Mr. Obama is no Alexander Manly when it comes to sexist-racist issues, and he uses false charges and exaggerated hate-the Saxon-race claims to play politics with national security.

For a United States Senator, Barack Obama has been doing a lot of explaining about the company he has kept for the last 17 years or so. A politician can not chose the family he has. However; he can chose the pastor he keeps. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has influenced Mr. Obama's liberal-elitist-separatist-racist views on a variety of subjects. This may be what happened to Obama over the years, as his MUSLIM radicalism and demonize the White-Saxon-race, may expel the same Rev. Wright belief; that America and its US allies brought on 9/11. In a sincere re-examination of his world-view, Obama's Mea Culpa-Apologia says this guy is like an uncle to him. But shouldn’t his long term relationship with this despicable character call into question at the very least Obama’s judgment? From Waxahache, TX.-- to Axis-of-Evil, Mr. Obama lied about the politics of his campaign, and knew about ex-pastor Rev. Wright's MUSLIM Militant Farrakhan Malcolm X Mosque No. 7 - JIHADI -- FATIMA EXTREMIST mob connection to Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.


Colfax: Sen. Obama on Lobbyists --

"When it comes to lobbyists, Senator Obama’s words might sound nice but voters need to make sure they read the fine print. Despite trying to give the impression that he has no relationship with lobbyists or special interests, the reality is that Senator Obama takes money from people who hire lobbyists, partners of lobbyists, spouses of lobbyists, former lobbyists and state lobbyists.” –Statement from Clinton Deputy Communications Director, Phil Singer
Sen. Obama Has Ties to Lobbyists in His Presidential Bid.

Public Citizen: 10 of Sen. Obama's bundlers have been federal lobbyists. The Public Citizen report listed the following ten bundlers for Sen. Obama who have registered as federal lobbyists: Frank Clark, Commonwealth Edison; Scott Harris, Harris Wiltshire and Grannis; Allan J. Katz, Akerman Senterfitt; Robert S. Litt, Arnold & Porter; Thomas J. Perrelli, Jenner and Block; Thomas A. Reed, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis LLP; Paul N. Roth, Schulte Roth & Zabel; Miriam Sapiro, Summit Strategies; Alan Solomont, Solomont Bailis Ventures; and Tom E. Wheeler, Core Capital Partners. [Public Citizen, 1/29/08]

Sen. Obama takes money from employees of firms that lobby and has lobbyists as advisers. "But those who lobby for a living say it's not that simple, and even Obama's stance shows some flexibility. He won't take money from federal lobbyists but accepts money from employees of firms and corporations that lobby, and he uses lobbyists and other government relations professionals as advisers... Obama has also used major fundraisers who are registered lobbyists on the state level. And he uses registered federal lobbyists such as Broderick Johnson, who lobbies for AT&T; and Shell Oil, among others, as a campaign adviser. Because Johnson isn't giving money to Obama, his name won't show up in Federal Election Commission records." [Chicago Tribune, 2/10/08]

Bloomberg: Five of [Obama’s] ten biggest sources of funds are groups of employees at law firms that lobby in Washington. "While Obama doesn't accept money from registered federal lobbyists, five of his 10 biggest sources of funds are groups of employees at law firms that lobby in Washington…Among Obama's top donors were employees of the Chicago-based law firm of Sidley Austin LLP, who gave $105,750 in the first quarter. The firm was paid $4.5 million last year" for lobbying the federal government. [Bloomberg, 6/7/07]

Obama's presidential campaign has received $2,812,336 from firms that employ registered federal lobbyists. [fec.gov]

Obama has taken $405,747 from the Pharmaceutical industry. [opensecrets.org]

Obama has received $1,185,937 from the Commercial Banking industry. [opensecrets.org]

Obama has received over six million dollars from the Securities & Investment industry. [opensecrets.org]

Obama has taken $608,822 from the Insurance industry. [opensecrets.org]

Obama has taken $168,584 from the Mortgage Banking industry. [opensecrets.org]

Obama voted for the Big Oil -- BIG HALLIBURTAN Dick Cheney's 2005 Energy Bill, Hillary opposed. [H.R. 6, Vote #213, 07/29/05]

Prior to His Presidential Campaign, Sen. Obama took Money from Lobbyists and PACs

1996-2004: $296,000 of the $461,000 Sen. Obama raised as a state senator came from PACs, corporate contributions or unions. "But behind Obama's campaign rhetoric about taking on special interests lies a more complicated truth. A Globe review of Obama's campaign finance records shows that he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and PACs as a state legislator in Illinois, a US senator, and a presidential aspirant. In Obama's eight years in the Illinois Senate, from 1996 to 2004, almost two-thirds of the money he raised for his campaigns -- $296,000 of $461,000 -- came from PACs, corporate contributions, or unions, according to Illinois Board of Elections records. He tapped financial services firms, real estate developers, healthcare providers, oil companies, and many other corporate interests, the records show." [Boston Globe, 8/9/07]

In his 2004 U.S. Senate race, Sen. Obama raised $128,000 from lobbyists and $1.3 million from PACs. "Obama's US Senate campaign committee, starting with his successful run in 2004, has collected $128,000 from lobbyists and $1.3 million from PACs, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit organization that tracks money in politics. His $1.3 million from PACs represents 8 percent of what he has raised overall." [Boston Globe, 8/9/07]


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